Opal’s Travels!

Chattanooga Opal

Opal visiting the city of Chattanooga Tennessee!

Gail Opal Great Smokys

Opal visiting with cousin Gail the Great Smoky Mountains outside Knoxville Tennessee!

Gail Opal GSMP

Gail and Opal posing in front of the sign Great Smoky Mountain National Park!

Karl Opal Florida Palm Trees

Karl and Opal share a moment together between two palm trees in Ormond Beach Florida!


Opal visiting Summerville Georgia climbs a hill to pose for this beautiful picture at cousin Martrica home!

Karl Opal Light House

Opal poses with Karl during a recent visit to the Lighthouse on Lake Erie in Marblehead Ohio!

Opal Bayou 3

Two Opals visits the Bayous while in New Orleans Louisiana!

Opal On Bench

Opal sitting on a bench by herself at a park in Savannah Georgia!

Opal On Stairs Savannah

Opal thinking about climbing a staircase in beautiful downtown Savannah Georgia!


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