Monthly Archives: June 2015

Visit To Florida!

Jake Opal Sheri 300

Janice, Opal and Sheri share a moment together visiting on the St John River while vacationing in Ormond Beach Florida!

Karl At The Front Of Boat

Karl grabs his hat while traveling at high speed as we head down the St John River!

Ormond Beach Karl Opal

In the scattering shadows between two palm tree Karl and Opal display their attraction to one another for the camera at Sheri and Con’s house in Ormond Beach, Florida!


Whites Landing Ohio!

Karl Gardening

Karl tending to the garden at the plantation of Jennifer and Jerry in Whites Landing Ohio!

Ariyanna At Jerrys

Ariyanna posing in front of Jennifer and Jerry beautiful home!


Opal With Ariyanna At Jerrys

Ariyanna and Opal pose behind the newly cut apple tree in northern Ohio!

WL Opal Motorcycle

Opal getting ready to take off on her son’s Jerry Harley Davidson motorcycle. Of course she was only posing for the picture!

Jerry Jennifer Hugging

Jennifer and Jerry embrace each other during a hugging moment shared at home in Whites Landing Ohio!

WL Girls

The girls Jessa, Ariyanna and Journey visit Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jennifer front yard and pose beside the recent cut Crab Apple tree!

Put In Bay!

Put Ariyanna Opal Put In Bay

Ariyanna and Opal display their new shirts in front of themselves at Put In Bay!

Put Ariyanna Opal Put In Bay

Ariyanna and Opal pose by this beautiful rock formation on the isle of Put In Bay in northern Ohio!

Put Ariyanna Put In Bay

Ariyanna with my straw hat on the island of Put In Bay Ohio!

Put Ariyanna Opal Mojito Bay

Ariyanna and Opal at the Mojito Bay Restaurant during a recent visit to Put In Bay Ohio!

Put Karl Opal Put In Bay

Karl and Opal emerge from behind a tree at Put In Bay!

Put Opal Ariyanna Put In Bay

My girls take a break after walking around the island!

Put Ariyanna At The Front

Ariyanna at the front of the boat on the ride home from Put In Bay!

Put Ariyanna With Hat

Ariyanna try’s on a pirate hat while lunching at a restaurant on the Put In Bay island. Of course she ordered pizza!

Margaritaville Ohio!

Mar Ariyanna Grandpa Margaritavillle

Grandpa and Ariyanna return to Margaritaville in Sandusky Ohio!

Mar Ariyanna Margaritaville

Ariyanna loves Margaritaville!

Mar Opal Ariyanna Margaritaville

Opal and Ariyanna pose in front of the Margaritaville sign showing their happiness!

Mar Opal Karl Margaritaville

Opal and Karl embrace each other as she pushes my belly in!

Mar Ariyanna

Ariyanna gives me her signature pose inside the Margaritaville Restaurant on Route 6 near beautiful Sandusky Ohio!

Mar Grandpa Ariyanna Margaritaville

Grandpa and Ariyanna pose in front of the other Margaritaville sign!

Savannah Georgia!

Karl Opal Savannah Fountain

Karl and Opal posed if front of a fountain at Forsyth park in Savannah Georgia! We had like three people offer to take this picture!

Karl Holding Rose Savannah

Karl holding our rose by the Savannah River in Savannah Georgia!

Opal With Her Rose

Opal holding our rose of Savannah by the Savannah River!

Street Vendor Gail

Street vendor Gail made the rose of Savannah for us by hand in a matter of minutes!

Karl Opal Downtown Savannah

Karl and Opal share a private moment together near a palm tree in downtown Savannah!

Opal Downtown Savannah

Opal pauses for a moment break on River Street in gorgeous Savannah Georgia!

Savannah River That A Way

Karl points the way to the beautiful Savannah River as he prepares to climb the steps up to the next road!