Savannah Georgia!

Karl Opal Savannah Fountain

Karl and Opal posed if front of a fountain at Forsyth park in Savannah Georgia! We had like three people offer to take this picture!

Karl Holding Rose Savannah

Karl holding our rose by the Savannah River in Savannah Georgia!

Opal With Her Rose

Opal holding our rose of Savannah by the Savannah River!

Street Vendor Gail

Street vendor Gail made the rose of Savannah for us by hand in a matter of minutes!

Karl Opal Downtown Savannah

Karl and Opal share a private moment together near a palm tree in downtown Savannah!

Opal Downtown Savannah

Opal pauses for a moment break on River Street in gorgeous Savannah Georgia!

Savannah River That A Way

Karl points the way to the beautiful Savannah River as he prepares to climb the steps up to the next road!


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