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Great Granddaughter!

Journey Opal 2016

Opal with great granddaughter Journie during last year’s visit with my mom!


The First Night of My Journey!

Fort Stockton

March 18 2015 I traveled to Fort Stockton Texas which is 680 miles from Phoenix Arizona. I tried to make 700 miles for the first day but just got too wore out!

Wake Up Call

I needed a wake up call and received it about 7:50 AM!

Which door

I asked where can I get breakfast and got this response!

Burrito Inn

I had a breakfast burrito with a cup of coffee from a pretty waitress who did not speak English. We had to point at the menu to communicate. I left her a $5 tip and she sure understood that!

Budget Inn

I stayed at the Budget Inn and slept beautifully! I finished up my morning with about a 2 mile brisk walk! The temp was about 55!