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Beautiful Park In Gibsonburg Ohio!

Gibsonburg Karl Opal Lake

Karl and Opal pose back to back in front of this beautiful lake park in Gibsonburg Ohio!

Gibsonburg Ariyanna Opal

Ariyanna and Opal try out their own version of a back to back pose!

Gibsonburg Karl Opal Hug

Karl and Opal share a tender moment together after posing for the above pictures!

Gibsonburg Karl Leans Stone Man

Karl leans against this stone man statue display at a park just west of downtown Gibsonburg Ohio!

Gibsonburg Opal Stone Man

Opal says let me take a turn posing with the stone man!

Great Smoky Mountains!

Ray Gail Opal Karl GSNP

Ray, Gail and Opal pose in front of Karl and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sign during a recent visit to Tennessee!

Great Smoky Karl

Karl stops for a relaxing moment behind a fence post while visiting the Great Smoky Mountains!

Great Smoky Creek

A beautiful creek bed that runs along the road leading into the Great Smoky Mountains Park!

Great Smoky Creek 2

There are so many gorgeous views that there is no way you can capture them all!