Monthly Archives: July 2015

Great Smoky Mountains!

Ray Gail Opal Karl GSNP

Ray, Gail and Opal pose in front of Karl and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sign during a recent visit to Tennessee!

Great Smoky Karl

Karl stops for a relaxing moment behind a fence post while visiting the Great Smoky Mountains!

Great Smoky Creek

A beautiful creek bed that runs along the road leading into the Great Smoky Mountains Park!

Great Smoky Creek 2

There are so many gorgeous views that there is no way you can capture them all!


Beautiful Skies!

The Fury Of God

An angry sky threatens Beech Island South Carolina where Opal and Karl are staying with Opal’s brother Cecil and his wife Anita at their┬áranch!

Jesus Lives

I captured this beautiful sky high above and around this gorgeous church steeple as I was leaving downtown Aiken South Carolina!

Georgia Sun Set

I captured this beautiful sunset while visiting my cousin Martricia who lives in Summerville Georgia. For too long I have always…but we can always change directions!

I Live God

There is so much beauty in God’s creation!

In God I Trust

My thoughts on God…period!

Hopelands Gardens Park!

Hopelands Opal Karl Sign

Opal and Karl by the sign of Hopelands Gardens beside beautiful Aiken South Carolina!

Hopelands Karl Opal Bridge

Karl and Opal at the bridge that crosses over a small lake in the gorgeous park of Hopelands Garden!

Hopelands Opal Ariyanna Bench

Opal and Ariyanna take a much needed rest on a park bench as temperatures reach 91 on a spectacular day in South Carolina!

Hopelands Karl Opal Lake

Karl and Opal peek out from behind a tree overlooking a beautiful lake during their recent visit to this beautiful park outside downtown Aiken South Carolina!

Homelands Opal Karl Arch

Opal and Karl pose together underneath this fantastic archway!

Homelands Opal Karl Eagle

Opal and Karl discover a statue pf a great eagle and enjoy a moment with each other as Ariyanna takes this picture!

Beech Island South Carolina!

Opal Relaxing

Opal sitting by the pool relaxing smiling enjoying life at her brother Cecil’s ranch in South Carolina!

Opal Beech Island

Opal standing in front of the Honda smoking smiling after having lunch at the Crossroads cafe in Beech Island!

Karl Holding A Peach

Karl shows off a South Carolina peach standing besides Cecil’s Winnebago motor home!